Iman Ghorbani

Hello; I’m Iman Ghorbani an animation director and Tara animation group leader from Iran.I had chance to participate in some 2d animation producing and etc.

Tara animation group todays going to work on 2d and 3d animation projects. we are Using Maya, other best 3d animation softwares for producing animation.

Our team contains specialits in such 3d softwares and art works. we had chance to persuade a record studio for our recording and sound making works. It’s so good to have those partners that we can prouce works more efficiently and abit fastly.


At the end I recommand you to see our works and even leave comment for help us , we will be thakful of you.

So, see this works, take pleasure, and if those were good you can participate us in your animation works.

‘Doghortonim’ animation another episode

‘Doghortonim’ animation series

‘Doghortonim’ animation characters